This page was last updated on the 9th August, 2017, at the end of Cycle Seven. For more recent updates visit our Cycle Updates page.

All Time PNL By Sport


Stake Profit ROI Profit to £50
Racing 3470.50 438.94 13% £21946.88
Rugby 4099.40 433.21 11% £21660.65
Total 7569.80 872.15 12% £43607.53

Pnl Pre-elite


Stake Profit ROI Profit to £50
Racing 383.00 90.84 24% £4541.75
Rugby 1393.50 336.21 24% £16810.40
Total 1776.50 427.04 24% £21352.15

Note that the Racing numbers in this table reflect only tips by the sole person now known as Makfi. All other tables record PnL for all tips presented as being by Makfi on publishing. Before the launch of the Elite service 'Makfi' had become just one person.

pnl as makfi ELITE

We have completed six Cycles so far, averaging one every 27 weeks (20, 32, 8, 57, 2, 1, 68) with a final average profit level of +66pts.


Stake Profit ROI Profit to £50
Racing 2958.40 360.80 12% £18040.13
Rugby 2701.90 101.01 4% £5050.25
Total 5660.30 461.81 8% £23090.38

Racing Results analysis

Makfi started tipping in 2013 and quickly established a reputation for remarkable returns - especially at his home tracks in Dubai. By the launch of the Elite service he'd notched 91pts profit at 24%.

By the end of our third cycle Makfi was sitting on 286pts profit at the stunning ROI of 23% profit. Even after a period of treading water his profit had reached +416pts at a ROI of 19% profit by the start of our active cycle (Cycle Seven).

As you can see from the graph, Makfi has suffered two long reverses. Draw-downs like this are rare - especially for a tipster with such a confirmed profitable long term record - so to have two in two years is brutal misfortune.

We constantly review our performance here at Makfi Elite and while it's easy to hide behind luck & distribution we aim to focus on mistakes we have made in order to improve results going forward.

The first losing run was due to unusual weather conditions during Winter & Spring which meant form lines right through the early season were impossible to pin down. It was noticeable that this summer many experienced and profitable tipsters & professional gamblers also struggled.

More recent losses came at the 2016 meetings of Royal Ascot & Glorious Goodwood. At Goodwood it was a simple case of overstaking on outsiders which increased volatility, although it was noticeable that many outsiders similar to our selections did win at the meeting, while Ascot was especially disappointing because it's a course we have a strong record at. Even with those results Makfi is still +11% ROI at the track.

Makfi beats the market (tipped price over starting price) by an average of 20%. This adds weight to the argument that his current 11% ROI reflects an unfair distribution of luck, and that in the long run his ROI %s will continue to tend to 20% profit.

We know that many Members like to analyse our tips to drill down and find where they can achieve the highest possible ROI%s from our service. Comparison by bet type has been left out for Makfi as the numbers were so similar (+14% ROI Win Only, +13% ROI Each Way).

Makfi's Racing Results by Track


Stake Return ROI Profit to £50
Dubai 694.50 883.21 27% £9435.25
Wolves 31.50 95.96 205% £3223.13
Aintree 40.00 100.88 152% £3044.00
Chelmsford 29.50 57.45 95% £1397.50
Epsom 48.50 87.95 81% £1972.50
Lingfield AW 17.00 30.14 77% £657.00
Sandown 62.00 91.70 48% £1485.00
Cheltenham 111.50 159.38 43% £2394.00
Newmarket July 40.50 53.36 32% £643.00
Haydock 52.50 62.83 20% £516.25
Ascot Flat 225.50 251.40 11% £1294.75
Lingfield 45.00 49.90 11% £245.00
Newmarket 264.00 289.48 10% £1274.00

Note - Small samples have been omitted

Makfi's Results by Stake Size

Stake PnL ROI %
0.50 8.00 47%
1.00 52.48 11%
1.50 30.19 56%
2.00 183.94 13%
2.50 2.83 14%
3.00 77.66 13%
4.00 143.26 21%
4.40 -1.69 -38%
5.00 -52.67 -42%
6.00 -5.06 -7%

Makfi has shown an accurate staking plan as the ROI%s rise as the advised stake rises. 1pt tips are +11%, 2pt & 3pt tips are +13%, while 4pt tips are an impressive +21% ROI.

Interestingly the only staking not performing well for Makfi has been the 5pt tips - our max stake - albeit from a small sample.

Rugby Results analysis

Since launching in 2011 on GT Tips (now LoveWinners) the rugby tips from GTT very quickly established a formidable reputation.

By 2014 they had accumulated over £17,000 profit to £50 stakes, at an ROI of 21% profit.

One of the reasons the rugby tips are so popular is that prices are offered by 'Asian' firms which don't restrict stakes, even to long term winners.

The Rugby tips then went in to an extended period of treading water - nearly two years in fact. That run was brought to an end with 16 months (and counting) of ruthless profits. The rugby selections have notched 140pts profit at an ROI of 14% profit. The corner has been well & truly turned.

There are several reasons that led to the graph flattening. There was an over-confidence, we felt that we could turn a profit across more / new leagues without doing the hard yards. There was a change in personal work circumstances that made it harder to devote sufficient time to the selections. This has been rectified as both tipsters are now full time - ie - no distractions.

We got away from many of the things that had made us successful. Most importantly we were waiting till too late in the week to release tips - missing all the early value that we previously had been mopping up. Greater self-analysis helped us reverse fortunes and it's been pleasing to see the rugby tips resume their long term steady profits.

Rugby League v Rugby Union comparison has been left out as the return on investment is so similar between the two (12% League, 11% Union).

Rugby Results by Competition


Stake Return ROI Profit to £50
NRL 376.30 469.43 25% £4656.50
T14 232.80 268.07 15% £1763.25
NPC 46.00 60.16 31% £708.00
European 36.00 43.28 20% £364.00
JWC 47.00 45.84 -2% -£58.00
ESL 199.60 195.32 -2% -£214.00
International 40.50 31.25 -23% -£462.50
Super 141.00 123.44 -12% -£878.25

Small samples omitted 

Here you can see the fruits of our increased self-analysis, as we've been able to stake greater amounts on the best performing leagues (NRL & T14). The NRL would be the most liquid competition we bet on so a 25% return on investment there is a stunning performance.

This season was a shocker for the Super Rugby Tips, which had made a profit till this point. We'll review the competition before continuing with selections next season.

Rugby Results by Bet Type



Stake Return ROI Profit to £50
Total Pts 227.90 261.68 15% £1689.00
Handicap 287.20 317.73 11% £1526.50
Money Line 50.50 47.42 -6% -£154.00



Stake Return ROI Profit to £50
Total Pts 193.00 240.82 25% £2390.75
W Margin 45.00 42.01 -7% -£149.75
Handicap 325.00 307.23 -5% -£888.50

Very strong recent Rugby League performance is reflected in the above table. In fact, all our bets on the code are +80.5pts at 14% ROI since we started tracking bet types in our records.

It is noticeable that our main market for Rugby Union, handicaps, have been under-performing recently. Digging through the numbers it's clear most of the damage here was done in the Super Rugby competition, -11pts at -22%, compared with +13pts at +34% in the NPC.

As a result of this research we've been staking more on Total Points markets for Rugby Union - with positive results.


Stake PnL ROI %
0.50 -4.28 -48%
1.00 49.47 13%
2.00 112.88 7%
3.00 148.77 11%
4.00 -11.04 -5%
5.00 0.48 2%

Much like with Makfi's Racing - it is noticeable that stronger stakes have a weaker yield. Best returns feature in the mid-range stakes. It's worth noting that often Rugby split their stakes over the same game, so it might be 2pts on the handicap and 2pts on the match winner, so stronger views are hidden as 2pt views in this table.

All numbers taken to best available prices. Note that detailed analysis such as Bet Types & Competition types are only available for the last year or two - and not our complete record. Keep a close eye on the stake sizes to gauge the sample size. 

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