To help prevent account closures we no longer publish the results of individual tips to non-members. If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet with all our selections then get in touch.

“Good Lord!! ..that’s Cycle One done & dusted, incredible day."

Racing & Rugby: All Time PnL

The Makfi Elite tipping service combines the knowledge and expertise of two industry experts.

Makfi is our Horse Racing maestro, who started tipping in 2013 on GT Tips (now LoveWinners). GTT has been running the rugby service since 2011.

The pair have now accrued over £43,500 in clear profit, to £50 stakes, and their all-time ROI% is currently 12%.

"Makfi is just bloody ridiculous"


Up until the launch of the Elite service, Makfi & GTT both achieved 24% ROIs for a combined total of over £21,000 profit to £50 stakes.

During the early stages of Makfi we experimented with using different tipsters under the same pseudonym, but by the launch of Elite 'Makfi' was just one person.

Please note that the numbers in the paragraph above reflect only the tips directly from the person now known as Makfi. Elsewhere on site our Racing numbers record all tips presented as 'Makfi' selections.

"You guys are truly world class"

Racing & Rugby: as Makfi elite

In late 2013 Makfi & GTT set up an elite limited membership service, now known as Makfi Elite.

The service is designed to offer a bespoke service to higher staking clients, and has limited member numbers to significantly improve odds availability.

Despite two periods of treading water, the pair have completed Seven Cycles, recording a profit of over £23,000 to £50 stakes.

The biggest factor affecting the recorded results since the launch are the House Rules - which are designed to ensure that Members can achieve & surpass our recorded Cycle profits.

"Thank you, thank you & again thank you, brilliant tipping!"

"Clients will be buying cars"

4th Dec Makfi at Meydan

While we're in this for the long haul, we all love those bumper days with monster returns.

For example, on the 4th of December Makfi went through the card at Meydan, prompting him to comment that 'today clients will be buying cars'.

A £20 Yankee perming all four selections that day would have returned over £10,000. It wasn't his first massive coup, and it won't be his last.

It's not only the racing tips that have big days, as the Rugby League team showed in March.

They were a last play score away from going a perfect 12 winners from 12 tips in the same round of action.

This is especially impressive when you consider that the shortest price tipped was 10/11, and only one of the selections was a favourite.

The NRL is our Rugby tipster's favourite competition, and it's easy to see why.

"What a day Thursday was...A genius...Keep up the good work for next year."

The Secret Betting Club: Hall of Fame

 The Secret Betting Club was founded in 2006 and has become the most trusted tipster review service. They review all tipsters, not just online services, so they know which services truly are the best.

We entered their league tables in 2013, with our service topping their 'All Time Sports Betting Service' table. In their 2014 end of year tipster tables our service again ranked #1 (from 26).

Makfi Elite Top of 12 Month Sports Table

They continue to proof all our selections, and we were inducted in to their Hall of Fame in May '13.

Makfi Elite Secret Betting Tips Hall of Fame

"A fantastic team of tipsters"

Six Cycles have been completed by our experts, finishing +66pts profit on average.
If we match our long term staking and ROI%s we will complete four cycles a year.

this means an annual profit of over £8,000 to £50 stakes, after fees

“Must be the most successful tipsters known to mankind!”