Makfi Elite is a bespoke Horse Racing and Rugby tipping service.
The Service has a target ROI of 20% and runs in 50 point cycles.

We've made over £43,500 since 2011 to £50 stakes.

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"The best service I have ever bought"

Performance Based Tipping

  • Members pay £500 per cycle and receive tips until the 50 point target has been reached.
  • Betting £50 per point returns at least £2,500 each cycle, leaving a profit of over £2,000 after fees.
  • We aim to complete four Cycles a year, earning you over £8,000 annual profit to just £50 stakes.
  • Matching our all-time staking and ROI averages would complete a cycle every 13 weeks.

"Great stuff yet again ... Makfi's performance has been stunning"

Proven Track Record

"Brilliant tipping from Makfi, as usual!"

Easy to Follow

  • Tips are posted here, then instantly delivered to you by email & text message - at no extra cost.
  • We are a low volume service, with most selections between Wednesday and Saturday
  • On average we tip 12 selections and 30 points each week.
  • Members are emailed a weekly profit update and a schedule for the coming week.

“The way bets are written out is great...quick & easy to get on...really well done"

Excellent Odds Availability

  • To ensure all members can attain the advertised prices Makfi Elite has a Limited Membership.
  • Our tips do not kill the market in moments.*
  • Members have found that they can achieve advertised prices several hours after they were posted.
  • We tip late morning on the day of racing - when prices are generally available to decent limits.

"Odds availability has been very sweet...fantastic service...glad to be a part of it"
"I don't know of any services who can release late in to liquid markets and still turn a great profit"

Beat our advertised pnl

  • We tip to best average market price, not best available price.**
  • Our strict House Rules set us apart from other tipping sites.
  • For example, we NEVER apply the Best-Odds-Guaranteed concession to our tips results.
  • If you have a full set of accounts you will comfortably out-perform our recorded profits.
  • We've completed Seven Cycles so far, with an average profit of +66pts.
  • Cycle Seven members achieving best price would have yielded +127pts profit on the Cycle.

“This is the one elite horse racing service where you can actually get on at adviced prices”

Great value - All Year Round

  • We share the same payment structure as Equine Investments. They charge £825 for 30 points profit (equivalent of £1375 for 50 points) - while we're offering 50 points profit for just £500 - a saving of £875.
  • We cover both the UK & Dubai flat seasons, and National Hunt racing.
  • Our Rugby team follow winter & summer competitions, so have no periods of downtime.
  • We strike on high profile races & liquid markets. Our biggest days have been at the biggest festivals.

“You guys run a top, top service”


  • The key to long term profit is the sourcing and management of accounts.
  • Our service is designed to maximise the value of your accounts, even if you've faced severe closures.
  • Members have access to our 'Getting On' guide which has tips & tricks to keep accounts open, along with an extensive list of bookmakers that will take bets in decent size that you might not be aware of.

"A fantastic team of tipsters"
"Many thanks for your brilliant service"

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*Inevitably there will be odds movement in the market, as time passes and more money enters the market pricing becomes more efficient. Beating the market consistently is a sure sign of long term profits, so while our selections will drop in price eventually, we have found that our input to the market does not cause an instant shift in the odds available to members. 
**We record two PnL numbers. There is the official 'Cycle PnL' - which adheres to the House Rules and is designed to ensure all Members can achieve the prices and our 50pt profit target. We also keep track of 'Best PnL' - which would be the best price available in the market (within reason - we don't tip obvious errors). The discrepancy between these numbers can be huge - showing how valuable this concession is for our Members. In our previous cycle 'Best PnL' out-performed the official 'Cycle PnL' by 76pts.